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Koala Koncepts is an independent film production company focused on short and powerful creative concepts. We are specialized in the positioning of brands and people with a clear and positive proposition. Our mission is to create aesthetic, high quality films that contribute to a natural, healthy and beautiful world.

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The new 'Puppets' web commercial for Trivago. '24 Hour room-service. Hotel? Trivago.' This film is in English.

25 Years Hotel New York


Hotel New York opened on 3rd of may 1993, in the former Holland America Line headquarters. Since then it has been a true icon for the city of Rotterdam. Many emigrants from Europe departed to the United States of America from the surrounding docks. This film is in Dutch.



Online 'Puppets' commercial voor Trivago; 'No Hidden Costs. Just your ideal hotel for the best price. Hotel? Trivago.' This film is in English.

Rotterdam international


The city of Rotterdam has a total of nationalities around 178. This unique characteristic of this city creates a living and working environment where a cross-pollination of cultures makes sure that a greater whole than the sum of the parts exists, namely one group of people with a huge diversity in cultures, wisdom and perspectives. This film is in Dutch with English subtitles.

100 Years Luxor


on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of the Luxor Rotterdam Theater - we created this film with the city poet (Rotterdam) Derek Otte. This film is in Dutch.

Gers!: In the Name Of


In memory of the bombing of Rotterdam, 75 years ago (in 2015), Gers! presented a short and powerful film portrait to commemorate (the dead), to honor (the reconstructors) and to celebrate (the great city of Rotterdam). "In name of the may 14th 1940, but especially of what followed. In name of the past, we inhabit in the future: Rotterdam!" This film is in Dutch.

Gers!: Hart of Rotterdam


On the occasion of GERS! - MEETS - IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) 2014, Gers! presented a short and powerful film portrait about Rotterdam. "Here we follow our dreams. Together, we are the heart Rotterdam!" This film is available in Dutch with English subtitles.

Leeuwarden-Fryslân: Cultural Capital 2018


The annoucement video for the NPO as media partner of Leeuwarden Friesland - Cultural Capital 2018. This video has no spoken language.

Library of Rotterdam - So to Say


'So to say,' the word in Rotterdam. this film was made for the city poet Derek Otte in 2017 and 2018, commissioned by the Public Library of Rotterdam. An ode to the word in Rotterdam, carried out by 24 poets/spoken-word-artists. This film is available in Dutch.