Rotterdam international

The city of Rotterdam has a total of nationalities around 178. This unique characteristic of this city creates a living and working environment where a cross-pollination of cultures makes sure that a greater whole than the sum of the parts exists, namely one group of people with a huge diversity in cultures, wisdom and perspectives. Rotterdam International deals with prejudices and discrimination and advocates a world where people are judged by their motivation, integrity and skills instead of (for example) origin, status and/or language proficiency.



CAST (in order of speaking appearance):
Ayu Kooijman
Winston Bergwijn (a.k.a. Winne)

Nikita van der Linden
Edwin Veekens
Boyd Demmenie Grund
Ronald Sleurink
Cemil de Wolf (a.k.a. PSL)
Jordy Dijkshoorn (a.k.a. Simon van De Likt)
Romy van Hirtum

Neusa Nena Gomes
Geovaney Welvaart
Rienus Krul
Derek Otte
Nassim Guammaz

Aruna Vermeulen
Malique Mohamud
Imam Azzedine Karrat
Linde Steenhuizen
Meryem Slimani-Landbrug
Rien Bexkens
Dennis van Bijleveld

CAST (Extra):
Stephan Gomes
Wilson ‘Willy’ Almeida Duarte
Gino Bud Hoiting
Zahur & Keano Fraai
Jamal Lgamawi
Malik Lgamawi
Monique Feitsma
Najate Leklye
Kirsten Gorter
The Pigeons (crew)
Jeroen seuthe

Concept: Rien Bexkens
Directors: Rien Bexkens & Thiemo van Dam
Producers: Rien Bexkens & Jeffrey de Roode
Poem: Derek Otte
Director of Photography: Robijn Voshol
Second Unit: Thiemo van Dam
Gaffer: Ruben Broekhuis
Sound recording: Dennis van Rijswijk
Cam. Assistant & focus-puller: Jason Hornung
Production assistant: Esmée van Loon
Editor: Danny Cotino
Colorist: Danny Cotino
Music track 1: DAGGER DX
Music track 2: Dorian Broekhuyse
Music Tracks mix & mastering: Dorian Broekhuyse
Sound design: Henk-Jelle de Groot
Logo & Titles: Maarten Mieras
All-round assistant: Huub Verburg
All-round assistant: Stephan Gomes
Translation: Luciano Ligeon

SPECIAL THANKS TO (Organisations):
Stadion Feyenoord
Watertaxi Rotterdam
Brandweer Rotterdam; Kazerne Bosland
Aloha Bar
Laurenskerk Rotterdam
RVV Neptunus-Schiebroek
The Pigeons (crew)
Het Hiphop Huis
Friends for Brands
Essalam Islamic Cultural Centre Rotterdam
RET Rotterdam
Interparking (Rotterdam)
Pit Film

Ricardo Paterno
Martijn Peijer
Guido Verheule
Immanuel Spoor
Fransisca Annenoveana & Aart Kooijman
The People of Rotterdam

Warda Belabas Scientific Researcher Erasmus university Rotterdam
Prof. Dr. P.W.A. Scholten Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Professor of Public Administration,
Director of IMISCOE, Coordinator of Master Governance of Migration & Diversity
& Editor-in-chief of Comparative Migration Studies
Prof. Dr. P.T. van de Laar General Director Museum Rotterdam, Professor of Urban History
& Historical Researcher

Het Hiphop Huis

Rotterdam International is an initiative of Rien Bexkens & Jeffrey de Roode

© Koala Koncepts 2018

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